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TOP 100

  • General information

    You should enter your best quality, most attractive photos in the «TOP 100». You cannot enter photos that feature other people.

    You can enter multiple photos in the Rating. Each photo will be included in the Rating for two weeks, then it will automatically be removed.

  • How to take part in «TOP 100»

    Go to «My profile», then «Albums». Choose the photo you want to enter in the Rating. Click it, and then click the link «Edit photo», select «Participate in the rating». Click «Save». A moderator will check your selected photo, and if it is approved, the photo will then participate in the Rating.

  • Find out how other users rate your photos

    Go to the «TOP 100» section. To the left, you will see a list of your photos that are participating in the rating. To find out who voted for any of your photos, just click on the photo.

    The more people vote for your photo, the greater your chances of getting into the «TOP 100».

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